Leaders from Southeast University Spent the New Year’s Eve Together with Students Staying at School During the Festival

By 吴婵Viewed 37 2019-02-13

On Feb. 4, the New Year’s Eve, Zheng Jiamao, Vice Secretary of Southeast University Party Committee, when accompanied by Tan Dongwei, Secretary of Party Committee of the School of Medicine and Xu Jin, Deputy Director of Students’ Affairs Office, visited20 students from various minorities staying at school during the Chinese Spring Festival and had the New Year's Eve dinner with them.

On behalf of the school’s party and administration department, Zheng Jiamao first delivered a good blessing to the students staying during the Spring Festival, gave all the students the lucky money in red envelopes, distributed the living allowances to each Tibetan and Xinjiang minority student who stayed at school. Besides, he shared with the students his own experience of staying at school for the New Year and part-time-work during his study time. He expected that all the students would study harder, make progress in the new year and win honors for Southeast University. Zheng Jiamao cheered with the students and spent a warm and wonderful New Year's Eve together.

It is reported that in order to enable students to spend a safe and warm Spring Festival, the school has adopted a number of funding initiatives. Over RMB 900,000 return-to-home subsidies and RMB 200,000 of warm clothes have been granted to the students from economically disadvantageous families.