The “Three-in-One” Electronic Road In Which the Team Led by Professor Huang Xueliang from Southeast University Participated Was Brilliantly Unveiled at 2018 International Energy Transformation Forum

By 吴婵Viewed 264 2018-10-26

From October 18 to 19, 2018 “The Belt and Road” Energy Ministerial Conference and the International Energy Transformation Forum were convened in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. With “Building ‘the Belt and Road’ Energy Partnership” and “Energy – For a Better Life” as the theme respectively, the conference and the forum aimed at jointly driving the “Belt and Road” construction and promoting the in-depth development of energy reform to fulfill the demands of the people for a better life and promote the construction of a community of shared future for mankind. President Xi Jinping delivered a letter of congratulation to the convening of “The Belt and Road” Energy Ministerial Conference and the International Energy Transformation Forum. Moreover, the conference and the forum have been highly concerned by the global energy sector. The energy ministers from 29 countries and senior officials of 7 international organizations, principals of major domestic energy enterprises and financial institutions as well as partial internationally renowned energy companies attended the event.

The “Three-in-One” electronic road, designed and constructed by the team led by Professor Huang Xueliang from Southeast University was brilliantly unveiled at the forum, which has attracted profound interests of the participants. CCTV, People’s Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Xinhua Newspaper, China Electric Power News, Sina, Phoenix and many other media reported in the form of live broadcasting, video and photo, etc.

The forum demonstrated the world's first and only three-in-one electronic road, which took the initiative in integrating such three technologies as wireless charging of electric vehicles, photovoltaic power generation of the road and unmanned driving. As this approach has realized the wisdom integration of power flow, traffic flow and information flow, it is known as the smart road without power failure. The team led by Professor Huang Xueliang has realized the dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles by means of magnetic coupling resonant radio energy transmission technology. This project has achieved many internationally leading innovations in wireless charging efficiency and electromagnetic environment protection, etc., which have thus provided novel solutions to the convenient and safe charging of electric vehicles and the improvement of the cruising ability of electric vehicles, etc.

The glorious debut of this project has successfully created the international business card of Southeast University's wireless charging technology, demonstrated the leading strength of relevant teams in theoretical research and demonstration applications in the abovementioned technical fields both at home and abroad.